Where Will You Go?
What Will You Do?

As nice as a good daydream may be, I've included these pictures for you to use in a much more profound way!

Join me here for a little psychological rehab to kickstart your recovery- as often as you need!

*Warning- make sure you are in a place where you can be distracted for a short while*

Looking for a quick dose of Movement Inspiration? 

I CAN HELP with that

Studies have shown we can change the strength and coordination of our bodies without ever changing our habits! Simply picturing ourselves using our bodies in the way we'd like to, allows our mind to create better, stronger movement. It's not nearly as powerful as actually changing our behaviors, but it is an amazing place to start, especially if you are immobile for a time. 

To get the most out of these pictures, pick one each time you visit. Close your eyes, picture yourself there (who you're with, what you're doing, what smells and sounds are around you), and focus very clearly on using your body the way you dream of (without limitation). It may feel strange the first few times, but keep practicing, and reap the physical benefits!

Who doesn't love a good daydream? But what if it could be a reality?

New additions

Browse through the latest additions here, or search by category below. Either way- enjoy your travels around the world! Take your time- try to truly experience it. The sounds, the air, the smells, what you're doing, who you're with.

You'll find it's not only good for the soul, but for the body as well!

where do you prefer to be?

Home Happiness

Architectural Admiration

Forest Felicity

Desert Dreams

Beach Beauty

Garden Glories

I never realized I could use pictures as part of my recovery! Thank you for this-how fun!

stacy L, 43


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