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I’m Cassandra- Your BIY Recovery Coach!

Struggling with where to begin on your healing journey?
I hear you, and I want to help!
With two decades of training in various movement techniques and modalities, I pull together all my expertise to get you on your personalized road to recovery. Quickly. Easily. Gently.
Just the way your body craves!

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Ready To Enjoy All Your Favorite Activities Again?

Playing with your (grand)children
Exploring more on vacation
Fully enjoying special events
Getting lost in your hobbies

here's what i do:

It can all be yours again!
Stop letting your pain keep you from living the life you want. Put an end to wondering, worrying, and playing the google game.
Let's get you out of your head, and back into life!

Movement Consulting


What feels good now may not be what helps you the most tomorrow. Don't fall into the trap of only addressing today's needs.
Working with me allows me to:
Clearly interpret what will help you recover long-term
Script tailored video routines that are easy to follow 
All without ever having to leave the comfort of your home!

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Repeat appointments, and relying on others, are costly and ineffective long-term plans. Sometimes you need the extra help, but a lot of times- you can help yourself!
Let me teach you what you need to know once and for all: to help yourself today, tomorrow, and everyday to come. Pay once and have access for life!
(New courses added regularly)

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Stop paying money for products and services you (likely) don't need. Follow the science and join us at Trulee to learn how you can have the life you want, while saving a fortune!

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“The routines Cassandra scripted for me have made such a difference in my life!” 

Aldona, 79

Total science nerd, lover of triangles, jazz music, and sharing information that is sure to make your life better.

Helping you take the guesswork (and financial burden) out of your recovery journey!

There are basic truths that often get overlooked when it comes to our bodies- truths that determine whether or not you feel pain and discomfort. And the less you know of these truths, the more likely you are to chase solutions to your "now" problem that will do nothing to prevent, or help, any future ones.

Let me teach you these truths so you don't have to constantly choose between tending to your body, doing what excites you, or spending meaningful time with the ones you love!

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Top 7 Movements for Desk Workers

It's not all stretches and sunshine. Your body will be desperate for more than that. 

If you find yourself sitting in front of a desk often, you need these!


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Self-Massage For Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation left uncheck leads to premature breakdown and secondary complications. Learn everything you need to complete a full-body, inflammation-reducing routine on yourself (or with a partner) so you can expedite your healing!

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Top resources

Movement Health Tracker

Let your body tell you what it needs. Use this handy tracker to become more aware of important signals so you can intervene before a major injury or breakdown!


What is Movement Recovery?

While it may sound straight-forward, there are some important points to understand about this work, Read more in this blog post that shares all the deets :) 


Shaklee: Nutrition for Life

Third-party tested; Environmentally-sustaining; Peer-reviewed; DNA-altering; Beyond Organic. Click to find everything you need to support your newfound movement, from a company that's committed to doing the right things!

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To save you time, money, AND health by teaching you ways you can support                  


I'm here to teach you truths you can stand on for years to come so you don't have to be dependent on me (or anyone else). Sprinkle in a little coaching to make sure you can apply your training, and you'll be well on your way to true health autonomy and seeing amazing changes in your life!

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Pain-free living looks good on you!

"The majority of our persistent, physical (and non-cancer related) pain is musculoskeletal in origin" - World Health Organization
(meaning it's the direct result of how we move).

RETrain your body and feel your discomfort fade away naturally- without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

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